2004 Lodz Biennale in Poland

sep 20-oct 31 2004




From Time To Time

From time to time, the facts have been recorded in history; and the unknowns will be recorded either. An ancestral bitter tear as the mark of life on the denuded wall was found; it appeared a difficult far-off message for understanding because of the value has been changed.

Any thing will be happed when the stillness eye look around continuously.

02.10.04 openingexhibition locationsound wall( mix two sound from two  audio )

material/ reed. wire netting. monitor(lcd) audio. fiber

29.09.04 today change  a part of work piece for  the last well and ask worker to cutting floor for hide wire

28.09.04final work

27.09.04lodz view

26.09.04clean space lateother space playbill

25.09.04 biennale officetraditions restaurant for all  stay time dinner

24.09.04test vcd

23.09.04the history of sound wallalmost to finish work piece

change in local material and dark part is monitor of lcd show building




210904 choice art work locationold factory change in show space