the peninsula of ping-tong international  arts project

10.02-10.31 2004 the south of taiwan

31.10.04 the end day

the view was change color into more yellow and the storm wind it down through mountain to change work surface more

06.10.04 ping ton national park area view

05.10.04 the strong monsoon of winter to eroding  into natural color

the heng chun city side by the lake ofnational parklanding resorts

the ken ding  national park sunset

18.09.04 setting work in the top of south taiwan

18.09.04 pm:1:00 final setting

2 October exhibition opening

17.09.04frog sound image fiber cover on the work

computer compose photo h450cmXr200cm. new  bamboo. steel. audio. wire

08.09.04 welding structure.

change the bamboo cover material  into the local stuff names jade hemp  it light and more suit around environment.