2005 light art in taiwan. tainan

part 1

location/ the an-ping of tainan city  organize by /hong- wen lin 

participation artist:  include taiwan. france. japan  total 20 artist

location  take the bamboo material to build one imaginary village and then artist put themself  art piece in each one bamboo case

show time : 23.02.2005-60.03.2005

Lin Hong-Wen written for the public art newsletter

Lin Hong Wen work piece H/7m W/150cm material/fan. cloth. light  title/ lady king like to play joke

the second part work piece/ young king lady

22.02.05final work piece12345  1.Mr Fang 2.Mr Chang 3.MrLi 4.Mr Xie 5.location viewlocation night view

21.02.05artist final work piece123456781Miss Zhang 2.Mr Tong 3. Juan 4.Fan Chi 5.Kaoli 6. Mr  Xu 7.Mr Liang 8.Mr.Li 9.Mr Wu

18.02.05artist keep hard workingFrance artist Mr XuMr WuMiss Zhangraining with Mr Liang work setting

17.02.05 artist's setting beginning Mr wu Mr FangMr Ton family teamMiss Fanlocation sunset

15.02.05location setting in the An-Ping Harbor An-Ping Harbor Park

07.02.05more 4000 piece bamboo to build main location

04.02.05  location setting

location drawing art piece drawing(maybe change size cus harbor area can be get strong wind)title/lady kim like making joke(it's about local story of long long time''''''')life is joke

part 2

art piece in the tainan culture center \ title: sky, cloud, pillow  size: 60cm-350cm total 7 piece's

material: steel net, light, cloth