Intertidal Zone Art Monitoring Station-Annual Project  for 2005

in kaoshung fine art museum. taiwan  03-04 2005

the museum park pond

title/ is animal house material/used bamboo

title/it's the vicissitudes thing material/used bamboo from beach. radio-sound image/wild animal voice

on the museum wall / title/ spirit house / material. plant fiber. solar.  make sound machineset in the museum square

inside the museum exhibition space

ttitle/ the fa lun of encological  usually running. material/ used bamboo. monitor. video image-fish. glass case. died bird . steel. acrylic plate. water. radio voice image/bat radar wave. chemical liquid. motor

 Intertidal Zone Art Monitoring Station

Annual Project for 2005

Curators: Lu Ming-te ,Hsu Su-chen,Jung Sin-pi

Exhibition VenueGallery 101,102,103, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Exhibition DatesApril 16th(Sat..) to May 29th (Sun.),2005

Opening Party:April 15th(Fri.) 6:30~8:30pm

Supervisors: Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government; Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Organizer: A Mi Artist Communities

Sponsors: National Culture and Arts Foundation

Co-organizers: The British Council Taiwan; a.a.s.- art Group in England

Science and Technical Collaborators:Pintung Rescue Center for Endangered Wild Animals; Chishan Fault Monitoring Lab of National Kaohsiung Normal University


Anti-evolution Monitoring Team: Jung Sin-pi, Pei Kurtis Jai-chyi

Ecological Tropism Monitoring Team: Lu Ming-te, Hsueh Ava, Hung Su-chen, Kuo I-fen, Lin Hong-wen, Sung Quo-cheng

Eurasian Plate Monitoring Team: Hsu Su-chen, Hsiao Sheng-chien, Lee Feng-ru, Stuart Tait, Ana Benlloch, David Miller


The project is funded by The National Culture And Arts Foundation (Taiwan)

Production Grants to Independent Curators in Visual Arts.


The exhibition, through metaphoric comparisons to natural phenomena in the ecosystem, is intended to encourage and conceive more possibility and diversity of modern art creations. In this exhibition, contemporary artists from Taiwan and Britain work together with wild life preservation activists and geologists to construct an exchange platform as diversified as the intertidal zone for cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary activities.

Taipei Times 21.04.05


title/ Reincarnation  

Life was changing, everything was happening.

However, when living without heart and mind, everything will be destroyed.

All things become insensibility, just like the air disappear absently.

There was lack of moist in the atmosphere, but add on thought into the cloud.

computer composingtitle\animal house material\used's the vicissitudes thingtitle\it's a fish material\Lcd monitor fish video image

title\spirit  material\dry grass. branches. solar panel. adio

title/the possibly lower flying material/used bamboo. radio

location/reception area. material/ bamboo. audio. video h/8-850cm w/4-450cmlocation/no.2 inside  exhibition space