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2011金門和平藝術季鋼雕藝術KINMEN Peace Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival 07.08-26.08.2011

the taipei first manor 2011 台北一莊東和鋼鐵與國家藝術文化基金會作品設置

kaohsiung international steel & iron sculpture festival 15/10-28/11 2010 高雄國際鋼雕藝術節




Environmental Art  09.07-25.07.2010 Macau Art Museum

2010 Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation and National Cultural and Arts Foundation Steel Sculpture Residency Project國家 藝術文化基金會東和鋼鐵進駐計畫

2009 {dustplanet} environmental art project

Journey Through Time林鴻文個展24.09-14.10.2009紐約台北藝文中心. 紐約  Dishman Art Museum  Lamar University .Texas. U.S.A October 30 and run through November 20, 2009.

December 11, 2009 through March 7, 2010
Hong-Wen Lin, Journey Through Time, in the Carole Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery


幻境無花 2009個展 12.05-7.6. 2009  東門美術館.陽明山

台南市 台北市. 台灣 no flowers in unreality 2009

The Crossing of Time and Environment Micro-Installations International Symposium 2008

the 2rd  tree village public arts  2008

peace of the world/dailogue with the past - the lighting art of the taiwan in 2008 .

( just to rewiew in the painting ) solo exhibition 1990-2000 .12.01-24.02.2008回頭看看 平面展 台中20號倉庫

the giao-tou sugar factory sculpture biennale 2007  01.12.07-30.12.07

getting cool in the spring/the camp of public art 15.7-12.9

find the 04 art piece in the ks art center

ART TAIPEI 2007 25.5-29.5.2007

as if」

sound and environment installation art

exhibition /  31.03.0-....「似」聲音環境裝置

Attentive / Whispery  Sound and Environment Installation Art Exhibition - Lin Hong Wen 3/5-3/31 2007

the document exhibition of the between obstruction and crossover 2007 international windbreak forest environment art / tainan arts center文件展 策展


{The book of arts/BA-Gua} 2007 zhung-hua public art festival藝經八come in soon

2006  International Steel/Iron Sculpture. Kao-hsiung Taiwan  November 

2006 Ping-tong (Han-Yu) Festival. south taiwan 

Between Obstruction and Crossover(策展)國際防風林計畫

2006 International windbreak Forest Environment arts Exhibition  9.Oct-11.Nov


Green field / Ecological Practices of Contemporary Art. Kau-Shung Fine Art Museum .

March -  now 2006 高雄市立美術館策劃展


hong-kong kadoorie tree project 23/7-18/8   06.29/9-2/10.06setting showtime.16-29 November


{The Material for Art }7/15~7/28. 橋頭The Either End of  Bridge Artist Village. Taiwan

\ABOUT“ mind-eyes and bag-bug„ 2006 solo exhibition. tainan art center. taiwan 28.04.06-21.05.0

"Micro-confines / View " The Exhibition of The China  Contemporary Art.  Macau Art Museum. Macau  17.03-18.06 2006 顯微境.觀 中國當代藝術展 澳門藝術博物館

  tai-shin arts award finalists.  of the tai-shin bank arts foundation. taipei

07.04-27.04 2006 台新入圍展

Overlook„2006 Taiwan Light Art, Tainan. Taiwan

2006 The 9th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition.University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu,

2006{In The Dream Light} Taipei Lantern Festival, Giang Je-Shi Public Hall, Taipei. Taiwan

Shihmen Reservoir 2005 International Drift-wood Sculpture Symposium,Taiwan國際石門漂流木創作營

cool eyes project 07-08.2005

Fruition. Garden Show 19th August-4thSeptember. Birmingham, UK

The International Art Exhibition of TheTropic of Cancer / 21.05-02.07 2005

the hong kong kadoorie doc exhibition of the environment art 2004策展

Intertidal Zone Art Monitoring Station-Annual Project  for 2005 潮間 帶

2005 light art in taiwan. tainan 策展

garden's whisper\ artist-in-residence 策展

the public art in the ming-zong calligraphy museum  公共藝術

 the peninsula of ping-tong international  arts project 10.02-10.31 2004 the south of taiwan 環境藝術

2004 Lodz Biennale in Poland Sep 20-Oct 31 2004波蘭雙年展

art omi international arts center life in u. s. a june 27-july 19藝術村

kadoorie farm & hongkong art center Art & Environment Project-Workshop/Exhibition2003策展

Vermont Studio Center, USA 02.03.2003-25.04.2003 藝術村

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