HONG-KONG working shop life

environment art

kadoorie farm & hongkong art center

Art & Environment Project-Workshop/Exhibition

kadoorie news

14.01.04 hong kong art center opening


12.12.03farm staff art tour visit workVera take both nice photo

08.12.03米浦行mipo tour(photo)09.12.03 back to taiwan


04.12.03openingopening speech at the press conferencethe art tour presented by Idy Wong and Mr Lin

03.12.03macau old ladies house art director - frank lee visit kfbg

02.12.03pm:9:30finish the thinking of kum yinthe wild cows came & visited kfbg which let me decided to use those image cos it's represent the time and environment has been changed all the time

30.11.03pm:5:00final presentation dayhei hei heiwhat's this?who is going to ?this work will be finish on 2.Dec

29.11.03pm:3:30guenyin think set up

27.11.03Pm:9:00tip shadow(photo)Guanyin think structurefrogdreamfinishwork

25.11.03Pm8:00seclusion way(photo) nice partnerhole viewbatdream inside detail

23.11.03time for student/自然-自是而然~之後的人-自私而然natural was right there before people selfish for studentdoubleseed jumpseed    seemflower

20.11.03setting frogdream workbest teamexpert climbercrane work

19.11.03Pm:6:00make a hook with the frogdreambatdream. view of hole

buffalo to visit my third work site

18.11.03pm:6:00inside batdreams


12.11.03sha-tian doubleumbrellasstill workinghongkongthefristhighmountain

11.11.03still working

08.11.03pm:10 it's rain to be on holidayonedayagophoto


06.11.03maggie take nice photothethirdday best workers


04.11.03thefirstday添哥與阿芳new toothpickstoneboat

03.11.03hong kong art center visitfrogdream base tree

to attend art center opening with Gracebatdream baseto measurecheck material