garden's whisper\ artist-in-residence

kadoorie farm & botanical garden .hong kong r

esidence time/15.11.04-15.12.04

 show opening /11.12.04 show time/11.12.04-10.01.05 document show in hong kong art center-11.12.04-10.01.05

document exhibition in taiwan tainan/ 03.2005-04.2005

after 28.11.04

cans Chinese Art News 1/2005chinese contemporary art

27.11.04 6:00ammoon sink in the light

26.11.04painting/oil pastel.powerless


24.11.04start sky whisper workstructurephoto/greenhouse

22.11.04try to make hole it's difficult to make small holeworker cutting grass in the wild

sky whisper-it'spossible drawing

So much are lost in this peaceful, natural environment and too many memories have faded away.

 water whisper-monitor/fish vcd image in the pond

20.11.04thinking dayartist pi & lou & kaoli & feawen

20.11.04 pm:12:10 karc  view

19.11.04 artist mr lou& mr pi hard to workingi

17.11.04 visit tea museum

16.11.04artist look for art piece locationlichen