dustplanet environmental art project


This installation takes place in three vastly different environments:

1: The broken living space of artificiality (Installed)

2: The so called “art exhibition space”  (Installed)

3: Nature in its most basic and elemental form (will be installed in the Wusanto Reservoir when the dry season ends) 


This work manifests itself as an paradoxical relationship between the visual and the intellectual. The title I gave it connotes to dust particles of inexplicable origins, which is parallel to the contemporary man-made chaos and confusion right in front of  our eyes. The aim of this installation is to create  a relative and  interchangeable insight  for retrospection to take place.   


no.1 bi-tan pond , taipei ,taiwan 10.09



no.2in/visiblelandscape    kaoshiung , taiwan 1.10-8.11 2009看不見的風景

no.3  coral pond ,tainan ,taiwan 12.2009