The Crossing of Time and Environment Micro-Installations International Symposium 2008 


Project Name: The Crossing of Time and Environment Micro-Installations Exhibition 2008

Event Location: barren land, Toshei Village, Danei Township, Tainan County, Taiwan

Event Duration: 2008.6-


Thesis: Within the recognizable environments of nature, people were originally capable of sensing the frequent variables and instabilities of their surroundings at a personal and spiritual level. However, with the advent of the World Wide Web, this primordial sensing ability is being redirected towards a new form of sensory perception that is largely based on various forms of virtual conceptions. As a result, many of the incoming stimulants, ideas and information will tend to be looked at and comprehended in an entirely new manner. With environmental art, the same process is also happening as the original and basic concepts are slowly being replaced and distorted by the predominant way of sensory assessment. The main focus of this exhibition is to invite artists from around the world to share their own assessments on what their current perception of the environment might be, and where they think the environment might be heading towards in the future.

Coordinator- Ling-Hong-Wen


Procedure: 33artists from both local and international backgrounds will be invited to create micro-installations (Size determined by maximum allowable size by couriers) utilizing materials gathered from their surrounding natural environments and living spaces. Invitees may feel free to create anything relevant to this exhibit, and will have absolute freedom to the installations’ forms and styles. However, invitees should thoroughly consider the nature of the exhibition environment before finalizing their design concepts. Each Invitee should also include a brief explanation regarding their chosen piece, preferably under 200 words. All pieces will be showcased at an outdoor exhibition site surrounded by nature. Documentation efforts will be promptly initiated by the organizing committee as soon as the pieces are installed. Invitees should also be aware that after the outdoor exhibition phase; pieces may be moved to a separate art exhibition facility for an indoor documented exhibition. Any relevant printed materials, as well as officially documented records will be mailed to the participants.

        Under the scheme, artists from the United States and Taiwan will be invited to participate in this exhibition. Instructions as to how a particular installation should be set up should be mailed to Taiwan, preferably along with the piece. Due to the fact that this project takes honor in the artists’ participations, shipping costs for returning pieces will be covered.        

Joining us from the United States are four professors from the Maine College of Art (MECA), as well as three renowned local artists. On the Taiwanese side, from the Tainan University of Technology (TUT), we have invited three professors, as well as students currently enrolled in the School of Environmental Art under the Postgraduate School of Fine Arts. Also joining us are postgraduates students from the Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA) as well as local professional artists.


Exhibit Executive Committee - Environmental Art Committee Department of Fine Arts Tainan University of Technology

Executive Exhibit Coordinator- Ling-Hong-Wen Assistant Professor Department of Fine Arts Tainan University of Technology 

Executive Coordination Assistant- Chen-Pei-Jyun Postgraduate Student Department of Fine Arts Tainan University of Technology

Auxiliary Coordination Assistant- Tainan National University of the Arts Postgraduate Studies in Architecture

Junior Coordination Assistant- Tsai Yu-HanUndergraduate StudentDepartment of Fine ArtTainan University of Technology

 Executive Translator - David LinUndergraduate StudentEmily Carr University of Art and Design


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