art omi international arts center life in u. s. a june 27-july 19

160704 5:00pmchange nest work site to the more deep forest

150704 6:00pmsetting cd player

140704 6:00pm it's rain artist/china(ÃQªF). lithuania, irland

130704 7:30pmdark studio

The contradiction was found between humans and nature when I started to exploring and feeling the natural environment.

The contradiction has been created between the electronic and original sound when bat calls recorded from the detector.

110704 7:00pm final the second workthe bird hear the radio news/

We aim at interact with nature. We tend to get close to the natural things. The art piece expresses my view of illusion and confusion appear in our natural world: the ¡§unreal¡¨ hand-made nest box as opposed to the ¡§practical¡¨ news report.

100704 6:30pmthe second work/the bird hear the news of radio

090704 5:50pm

final work h/10M. tree.speaker/sound image /bat(rada wave/recording- kadoorie farm. hong kong)

080804 8:00pmrecord of  settingmade the main piece hole workshop hung from the forestfortruck take to  the location

070704 5:50pmfinal speaker holetop pieceink on the rice papersculpture shop

06.07.04 9:50pmmade hole for speaker

05.07.04 9:30pmbeer timesunset house

05.07.04 6:00pmink on the rice paper the piece of main work top

04.07.04hudson river with korea u.s.a artist

main work projection  h/8M. wood.monitor.

03.07.04 2:23pm workshopfield sculpture park cutting tree for main work painting studioartist workshop

ledig house view3006

meal camp l

warehouse with sculpture0701